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Introduce what your up-leveled experience means for THEM.

You have a unique process and experience - now's the time to show that through your website so your potential client knows what to expect and the high-quality experience you're going to provide. Doggo ipsum extremely cuuuuuute you are the neighborhood pupper, blep boof. Borking doggo adorable doggo you are doin me a concern good boys porgo mlem puggo, you are doing me the shock lotsa pats shooberino. Fat boi boof fat boi bork doggorino waggy wags. Big ol pupper maximum borkdrive heck, boof. 

You ready?

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The Roadmap

Step 1: Complete the inquiry form

I'm here to capture the raw, genuine moments you share with your pets throughout their lifetime. Because they deserve to be remembered.

Step 2: Let's meet

We'll hop on a Zoom or FaceTime chat to get to know one another and make sure we're a great fit! This is also a great time to learn more about you,  your preferences, and what you're looking for in a photographer.

Step 3: It's planning time

Once you're ready to move forward, I'll send over your paperwork along with a questionnaire on your specific photo preferences, inspiration, locations, etc. If you need help planning it all out, I'm your gal every step of the way!

Step 4: Your scheduled session

Once the big day arrives, I'll be there to document the raw, genuine moments with your pets. My focus is on capturing the bond between animal and human in its finest moments , whether it be adventures or everyday life right at home.

Step 5: Image delivery

I'll send over a sneak peak of some photos within 48 hours of your session. Within 3-4 weeks of your session, I'll send over all your edited images to your email via a custom online gallery. From there, you'll have the opportunity to purchase prints, albums, and other home goods should you choose.

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Elegant Paper
~ Client Name
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Capturing raw daily life with those who matter most. All sessions include X, Y, and Z. Edited images are delivered via online gallery sent via email within 3-4 weeks of your session date. Doggo ipsum extremely cuuuuuute you are the neighborhood pupper, blep boof. Borking doggo adorable doggo you are doin me a concern good boys porgo mlem puggo, you are doing me the shock lotsa pats shooberino. 


  • Session at your home, nearby park, or landmark

  • 2-hour session (can include the whole family)

  • 60 images delivered via email

  • Any other details you want to include!

  • Any other details you want to include!

  • Any other details you want to include!


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So you have your photos done... now what?

Your photos are meant to be enjoyed, not end up in a box high up in a closet somewhere or deep within the online cloud never to be seen again!

Once you get your final gallery delivered, we'll go over your options for displaying your new artwork in your home or office. If you want to browse through my catalog PDF, click here.

Pricing starting at $xxx

Wall decor


Have more questions that aren't answered here? Reach out and I'll be happy to assist you!

  • Do you have a PETS?
    Yes I do! Dog people have dogs, its what we do. I cannot imagine life without animals. We used to have cats! They were big help in my early years of photography. We both love cats very much, but haven't been in the position to bring one in our home. We do have 3 dogs at the present time - Baxter (12 yrs old), Lexi & Amos are the doodle puppies.
  • My dog is reactive or aggressive, can you still photograph them?
    We both need to take extra precautions, but the answer is yes. If your dog is reactive/aggressive toward other dogs but okay with humans. We can photograph in studio. But if your pet has ever shown aggression or reactive to humans, we need to photograph them on leash at a remote park location. I will edit you and the leash out of the photos. (Course you can always be in them) The photos will still be wonderful!! I keep these sessions low key. Your dogs safety as well as all humans is the utmost importance.
  • Why do you require a leash in studio?
    This is to ensure their safety and to help them remain calm and contained in the area. If your pet is active and tends to move around a lot, the leash will help keep them in one spot, making it easier for us to capture the perfect shot. However, if your pet is calm and well-trained, and knows commands like "sit" or "place," they may not need to be on a leash. Our top priority is the safety and comfort of your pet, so we will work with you to determine the best approach for your furry friend during the photo session.
  • Why do you charge a retainer fee?
    Every session involves a significant investment of my time and expenses. This includes all business expenses, gas travel, backdrops, props, location scouting, preparing for the session, setting up and taking down the studio, photographing, post editing, gallery uploads, and working with the print lab. All sessions have a minimum of 12 hours and up to 20 hours invested. Furthermore, my pricing includes not just the time and materials used during the session, but also the expertise and experience that I bring to the table. I have a deep understanding of animal behavior and know how to capture the perfect shot. I also use top-of-the-line equipment and software to ensure that your photos are of the highest quality. Ultimately, my pricing is reflective of the value that I provide to my clients. I believe my work is worth every penny and that the memories we create will be cherished for a lifetime.
  • What if my dog won't sit still?
    Most dogs that I photograph do not sit still! I am playing and making noises. I have treats. It is fun. I don't expect them to sit still. I actually like for pets to move. Yes it is nice if they know sit, stay or place. But they are in a new place, with a new human and bright flashy lights. Don't be surprised how your pet acts!! Because they are perfectly normal. This is one reason I use a show lead (slip lead). It helps to contain them to an area. I already know dogs want to have fun and move. Cats, well, they do things on their on terms. We will have fun!!
  • Does the flash hurt my fur babies eyes?
    No, it does not. I use beauty dish modifiers that have a metal piece over the bulb. These modifiers help to spread the light instead of a direct beam to your pet. This ensures that your pet's eyes are safe and protected during the photo session. So, you can relax and enjoy the session without worrying about any harm to your furry friends. It is always pet safety first!
  • How much experience do you have?
    I have a lifetime of photographing my own pets which include dogs, cats and even a pet raccoon! Approximately 20 years ago my husband encouraged me to focus on animals. In 2012, I started my pet photography business. With over 20 years of experience, I have captured countless moments that have become treasured memories for pet owners.
  • Do you have a payment plan?
    Yes! If you are interested in making payments, please let me know in our first email. The payments are spread out 30-60 days. Please know that your session date is not scheduled until the retainer fee is paid in full. Also, prints and/or packages are paid in full direct to the lab. No payment plans accepted on prints or packages.
  • How long does it take to do the photoshop magic?
    It's important to clarify that the editing process is not magic, but rather a long and tedious process. For every 2 hours of a photo session, there is an additional 8 hours of editing time. This includes tasks such as removing leads, removing people or hands from the shot, and even removing eye boogers. Those 8 + hours are spread out over several days. My goal is to create the perfect shot for you and your furry friend, and I take great care to ensure that every detail is perfect. Rest assured that we will work tirelessly to deliver the best possible results for you.
  • How many animals can you photograph together?
    The number of pets that can be included in a photography session depends on the pets themselves. One to two pets are included in your session. However, if you have more than two pets, an assistant will be required. Your pets must also be comfortable around each other and enjoy being in each other's company. Additionally, if you have more than 2 pets, there will be an additional per pet fee and a paid assistant fee required. The most pets I have photographed together is 11 dogs at one time.
  • How long does it take to get my prints and canvas?
    When you place your order it is direct with the lab. They contact me to review images and approve. Then your order goes to production. Usually, lab production is 3-5 days. (This can vary) Then your order is shipped via your chosen shipping method. When your order goes to the shipper, it is out of our control. We are at the mercy of USPS, FedEx or UPS. Post covid, shipping is unpredictable. Also the shipping rates seem to change daily. Shipping times vary widely, from overnight to 14 days.
  • What can I do to prepare for our photo session?
    Practice sit and stay. Have your pet groomed including eye boogies, eye stains and pedicures. Take them on a walk. It helps to burn energy. Let them be a little hungry for snacks. Don’t feed them a big meal before the session. After the session they may be full of treats.
  • Why do require a minimum lab purchase?
    Because I aim to provide my clients with the best possible print quality and experience. By ensuring that all prints are ordered through my trusted and professional lab, I can guarantee that the colors, contrast, and overall quality of the photos will be preserved. The packages are designed to save money for my clients as well, with most clients investing an average of $800-$1000 on prints and canvases. I want to offer my clients the best possible value and experience, and by requiring a minimum lab purchase, I can ensure that they receive high-quality prints and products that will last a lifetime.
  • How long does a photo session last?
    Sessions are focused on your pet and their individual needs. Depending on your pet's personality, a session may take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour. If your pet is a camera-loving model, the session may be quick and easy. However, if your pet is timid or shy, it may take longer to get the perfect shot. On average, sessions Last between 45 minutes to one hour.
  • How many images will I receive from my pets photo session?
    The number of images you receive will depend on your pet and the length of the session. I strive to capture a variety of poses and expressions of your pet to provide you with a range of stunning images. During the session, we will work together to create a comfortable and fun environment for your pet, which will result in a more natural and candid outcome. After the session, I will handpick the best images and provide you with a selection of high-quality, professionally edited photographs. The final number of images will be determined based on the number of successful shots taken during the session.
  • How do I book a session?
    Booking a session is easy! The first step is to fill out a booking form which can be found on my website. Once I receive your form, we will check our availability and select a date that works best for you. After selecting a date, I require a signed contract and a paid retainer fee to secure your booking. I accept payments by credit card or Venmo.
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