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Frequently Ask Questions

How do I book a session?

  • The first step is fill out the booking form.  Next will be select your date, sign a contract and pay the retainer fee and you will receive a confirmation email that you are booked.


Why do you charge a retainer fee?

  • Every session I have invested time and expenses.  This includes all business expenses, gas travel, backdrops, props, location scouting, preparing for the session, photographing, post editing, gallery uploads and working with the print lab.  All sessions have a minimum of 12 hours and up to 20 hours invested.


Do you accept payments?

  • Yes, on my *All Inclusive Packages* I have an installment plan.  Please go to the home page & click on investment tab.


How many animals can you photograph?

  • That depends on your pets.  I can photograph as many pets that will sit and stay.

  • Over 2 pets there is an additional $25 per pet fee.


My pet won’t sit still and gets distracted. 

  • No worries.  All pets are photographed on a leash.  This helps to contain them to the area we are photographing. You are holding the leash.  I edit you and leash out in photoshop.


What if it rains?

  • You can switch to a studio on session (must have time to setup)

  • Or you can reschedule up to 14 days


How long do sessions last?

  • I take my time.  It is important for your pet to enjoy and have fun at the session.  Usually, the session will last 1-2 hours.  But it just depends on your pet.  I have completed sessions in 30 mins. 


What can I do to prepare for the session?

  • Practice sit and stay.  Have your pet groomed including eye boogies, eye stains and pedicures.  Take them on a walk.  It helps to burn energy.  Let them be a little hungry for snacks.  Don’t feed them a big meal before the session.  After the session they may be full of treats.


Can my family be in photos?

  • Yes.  On the booking form I will ask name and ages. 

  • Over 2-3 humans there is an additional $25 per human fee.


How long does it take to get my proof gallery?

  • It will take approximately 7-10 days


How long does it take to get my prints?

  • The prints, canvas and products are shipped direct from the lab.  Unfortunately, post Covid – shipping may be taking longer than usual.  Generally, you should receive your products in about 12-14 days

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