As you all know, post Covid everything has increased.  I have absorbed 3 price increases from my printing labs.  Website, credit card fees, gas fees - everything has increased.

I tried to absorb all of the increases but it is not possible.  Unfortunately all of my product and retainer fees will be increased effective immediately. 

I am working on my price list and product page.  It will be posted in the next couple of months.


All clients currently booked are locked in at old pricing! 

I am on a long overdue - extended vacation.  My mom past away a few months ago and I never got away to breathe.  I have not had a vacation since 2019. 

  I will not be responding to emails or bookings until I return in May 2022.

I only have available sessions in October, November and December.

Retainer Fees effective immediately are:

Weekday $160

Weekend $225

Client minimum purchase of prints & products $150

All product pricing will posted & updated in the next couple of months.