Professional Photography is an important part of animals in need of forever homes.  Animals  are showcased on Rescue\Shelters website and social media pages with bio's. These organizations are most often run by volunteers who have dedicated their time and energy into saving the lives of animals. People looking for pets go online and those photographs are the first "paw print" they see.  While all volunteers or employees take good photographs with cameras or cell phones, there are times an animal needs extra attention.  This is where Sandra Ferguson Photography steps in to help.

Sandra believes all animals, no matter the breed, size, color or temperament, deserve a second chance to be with their forever family.  Every animal needs their moment to shine.  Sandra Ferguson Photography adoption photos will be their glamour shots and show off their beauty.  But at the same time, the fun photos that show their personality.

Sandra is not able to photograph every homeless animal in Memphis.  But, Sandra Ferguson Photography can photograph those that need extra attention.  They may be a dark color and hard to pick up on a cell phone. (Photographing black dogs are actually Sandra's favorite!)  They may be shy and timid.  Maybe they have socialization and training to work on.  The ones that keep getting overlooked for whatever reason.  This is where Sandra Ferguson Photography wants to help.


Giving Back


Sandra Ferguson Photography is an artist member of HeARTsSpeak, an international organization uniting art and advocacy to increase the visibility of shelter animals.  To help animals get noticed and change the perception of pet adoption worldwide.  Good quality images can help an animal get adopted 60% faster. 

If you are a local shelter, rescue group or an individual foster parent, and need photographs of animals. Please contact Sandra Ferguson Photography through this form.  

*Sessions are scheduled in advance. Release Form/Contract will be issued - for Property (Animals) or Model (Human).*

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