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In my first blog post I went into detail about the volunteer work I do for Paws & Claws & other rescues. This blog post will tell you about me.

Most of my life I have been in Finance & Accounting. I have worked at retail, banks & credit unions since I was 16 years old!! The reason I loved accounting and bank work ... checks & balances. Everything is organized and balanced. I like everything "organized"!

Us...trying to take selfies in Grand Tetons

I have been married 18 years to a wonderful man that also has a big heart for animals. We lived in the country when we first got married. We had "many" cats and at the time 3 special dogs. My husband was diagnosed with Stage IIIC Colon Cancer in 2012. We knew then how precious time was and he was spending 2 hours a day driving back to the city for work and doctors. We made the decision to move back to Cordova and he would have a five minute drive to work. He is almost 8 years cancer free now.

Yellowstone National Park - photographing Wildlife

As far as photography, I have always been the one at events and family reunions holding a camera. We have stacks and stacks of old photos. I have always been the person that speaks to an animal, before I acknowledge humans. Photography & animals have always been my passion. I love photographing any animal - pets, zoos, wildlife and bugs.


My Mom became very ill in 2015 and I quit working to take care of her. At the time she was 84 years old, in congestive heart failure. One year later, 2016, Mom had open heart surgery. As we got her out of CCU and into a room to sister Donna went to work and had a heart attack and died. She was 57 years old. It was a heartbreaking and stressful time of my life. I still grieve deeply for my sister.

Donna Pannell 1959-2016

I love to photograph the moon and often call that my therapy. I love being outdoors... me & camera ~ the moon & God. While Pet Photography is my heart, I still love to photograph other things. I also have a Facebook page set up for everything else that is not Pets! Follow along if you get a chance.

Our Berger Picard-Sela & the Moon

When I photograph your pets and I'm looking through the images. I am thinking... If I were the pet parent ... would I want this image or would I want to see it. My heart goes into it. So that's why I photograph so much and give so much. I am a photographer. But..

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