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Copyright and Usage Rights

Its time to address... copyright and usage rights.

I have some clients who prefer I not post their images on Facebook and Instagram. I respect and honor their wishes!

But .... a big but !!

I still own copyright and usage rights for every single photograph I create! It is on the metadata of my cameras, I watermark images or with ©Copyright symbol. Every single image I create, I maintain the copyright and/or usage rights of each photo.

Unless you have purchased the un-watermarked version of the image in high resolution format ! That's right.... you can purchase the image - full resolution and no watermark. I will never use your image again.

But for the most part... I use your images on business cards, Facebook and Instagram post and blog post.... even advertising. Most clients are perfectly okay with this! But sometimes there are clients who do not want their furkids on display or advertising. I respect clients wishes. And also ask for the same in return. Watermarked images cannot be altered in any way, they cannot be entered in contest, you cannot add Instagram filters or text of any kind and please do not edit watermarked images! (& please leave the watermark!)

It is a federal law and subject to civil and criminal penalties.


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