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Updated: Nov 2, 2019

If you follow me at all on Facebook you know I have 4 dogs and they model for me a lot. When I pull out my camera or even my camera bag. They all get excited and think its time to model.

Ziggy Ferguson is the top model at Sandra Ferguson Photography. He is my oldest baby and I do mean MY BABY.

Ziggy is 9 1/2 year old English Creme Goldendoodle. He is chocolate color turning grey and white now. Ziggy was an unwanted pup - the breeder could not get rid of him. (Not even going to discuss backyard breeding) But..Ziggy has had health issues. He suffers with Bloat. When he was young his stomach started twisting and He was at the vet just in time. I decided to take bloating precautions & teach him to burp. He also has hip dysplasia. And he is a melanoma cancer survivor. I love this dog more than words can say !!

Baxter Ferguson is our rescue dog - he is some kind of Hienz 57 mix. We know he is a Terrier and acts terrier so we just say Terrier Mix.

Baxter is now 7 1/2 years old. He still likes to terrorize outdoors and run! He has always been an old soul. He doesn't play inside and he really doesn't play with toys. He likes to catch a ball outside... but no retriever in him. Once he catches it...he runs off.

He has been the healthiest dog we have had. He has allergies and now a limp at times on his bow leg. He likes to do whatever Ziggy is doing.

Sela is our 7 yr old Berger Picard. She is a rare breed...a Sheep Herding Dog. She is a good ...very good... guard dog. She loves her people but not really anyone else. She will tolerate some women. Does not like men. And she only likes little dogs.

The short story with Sela's health...she had multiple CCL surgeries (4). I monitor her weight because she is a big girl around 70 pounds and weight is not good on those legs. We are able to keep the weight off now. You would never know she went thru almost 2 years of leg surgeries.

And the baby of the family - Oliver Bernard Ferguson (Oli.B.) He is almost one year old Wheaten Terrier Mix and 55 pounds. He can bat those long eye lashes and I melt. He is a sweet dog but the terrier comes out in him. He loves to Squirrel hunt in our back yard. He loves to run. He loves to terrierize his brothers and sister. He loves to drive his mom nuts tearing up stuff. But he is just a puppy and we are working on that.

I have been teaching him bad habits. Every morning I let him out of the kennel and I miss holding little dogs. Oli B. would kinda jump when I hug him. So now... with a little tug...he jumps up and I can hold him...hug him... all 55 pounds of terrier love.

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