We moved over to the lake! JP still holding both those retractable leads. Ziggy sitting pretty. Baxter loves Becky for fixing him. Sela is not paying attention to anything except the people !!!!

Unedited with leashes. Baxter has a smirk, Ziggy sitting pretty... and wait... my pointed ear dog... has flop ears and she is still not looking at me...


In the midst of the chaos of the kid screaming and playing, the dogs looking, leashes, people and everything that was happening. I snapped this unedited photo. I did NOT know until I got home I had this image.

This image was indeed my Christmas Card. It was only by the grace of God that Sela looked at me and had her ears up.

No the story doesn't end there. We moved over a little bit more. Out of the muddy area to the grassy area.

Jp is messing with Sela because she will not cooperate. Her ears are slicked back. He is also on the lake edge! He still has the retractable lead. Becky is tickled at something and Ziggy & Bax are looking at her.

We are almost there. Becky swings the lead around Bax. Ziggy is losing interest. JP is ticked off at Sela (look at his face) and Sela still has her ears slicked back and no that is not her smiling.

Leashes fixed... photo snapped. Ziggy & Baxter look like they are singing "Sannnnnta Pawwws is coming to town" and there is Sela... yes...there is Sela.


The kid that was playing, screaming and running around was with her Mom. The kid was not much taller than our dogs. Her mom was taking photos and SELFIES with her cell phone. To busy to watch that her little girl was running around a lake with 3 big dogs barking (BIG DOG BARKS). (Pictures are me they were barking). The mom was trying to get to those Christmas Decorations I had hanging in the tree... so she could take selfies with them. Unaware that her little girl was running and screaming toward 3 barking big dogs.

Baxter was checking out. He knows Sela energy has kicked in. Sela is just waiting!

This was the last shot... Ziggy turned to look, Sela is barking actually. And then DooDad got tangled up in those retractable leads, all 3 dogs barking, DooDad was almost pulled into the lake, Sela was going after a short human running toward her screaming, DooDad's hand was sliced open from the lead. Everyone was telling the girl to get back. I am trying to get up off the ground. And the Mom was taking selfies!!!

It was over... they rushed the dogs up to the vehicles. No child was hurt. While Me & Jackie restrained our Frayser redneck lingo toward the Mom and just watched her taking selfies. As we quickly took down decorations and photography lights and equipment.

This was the worst photo session ever!!! There are some things I learned from this session. The quiet park with a lake is *busy* on a warm Sunday afternoon in the fall. My husband has no patience for photo sessions. Sela can not be around kids period. She only tolerates people at a distance. (She is a guard dog... whether she is guarding us from big people or little people). While I am on the ground taking photos I have to watch everything in front of me, beside me and behind me! I have to read dogs body language while I am changing camera & light settings. My pack will only have photos taken in our yard or my little home studio. And finally, if the mother of a child is to busy taking selfies and not paying attention to the child... I am not holding back any redneck lingo... I will confront you! Pay attention to your children and listen to the things around you ... like loud BIG DOG barks. | 901-626-1102 | Memphis, Tn.

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