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What have yall been doing??

Well, I have been quite busy myself. I thought I would update you all.

I have been questioned and questioned, so I will address this. Yes, I have a PUPPY. (( awwwweeeee, puppy love)) She is absolutely perfect! She is now 3 months old and growing into a Standard Goldendoodle.

The questions I am asked, "Why did I get a goldendoodle" & "Why did I buy from a breeder"? So, here are my answer.

Because it was our choice. (period)

I am not a breed specific or breed prejudice pet photographer or dog Mom! I love all dogs! I could NOT do pet photography and only love one breed or only love rescues. I am not just a rescue photographer, I photograph ALL animals & ALL species. ((I do not photograph for Pit Bull Breeders - we can discuss that in private)) But I absolutely photograph Pit Bulls for clients, friends and rescues.

We made the best possible decision for us!!

And when you are bringing dog into your family - you need to do what is best for YOU. Take a look at your lifestyle, your pack, your work hours, your family, your health, the pups health, how were they raised, communications with the breeder or rescue and think about your goals for the pup. Just a couch buddy, that is good! Or service or therapy dog, that is good! Only YOU can make the decision what is best for your family.

I said goodbye to my heart dog last August, Ziggy Ferguson. I did not ever think I could fall in love with another Goldendoodle or even open my heart to a doodle. We said goodbye to 3 of our dogs in 8 months! Let that sink in to your soul!!! THREE DOGS in 8 Months!! If you are a pet lover or pet parent ... think on that! Three of our four dog pack were gone. (12 yr old, 10 yr old and 4 yr old. )

We still have our old dog - Baxter. He is a rescue from Covington Animal Rescue Effort. He is 11 years old and has severe ortho issues. We never know how long we will have "Old Dog" Ferguson, but for now he is comfortable and happy. Our choice of a puppy had a ton to do with him. We could not risk his comfort or happiness in his world. He too was grieving the loss of his pack. A puppy was more manageable for US than an older pup. Even though we knew we would take extra precautions to protect "Old Dog". And we do. We make sure he has his own personal space, the puppy does not jump on him and we love him unconditionally. The puppy has perked him up a little!

We LOVE our little doodle Lexi. She has brought so much happy back into our lives. She is learning and growing everyday. We start puppy obedience classes next week! (I do, she doesn't until after her next set of shots) I am already impressed with everything she knows. I have been to puppy obedience before and I am teaching her everything I know. But we have more to learn!!

I will add... YES... we have a little brother coming for Lexi in July! OMG, he is adorable. YES, he is a goldendoodle. Again, it is our choice. NO we are NOT going to breed. It was our choice to have a female & male. They will be spayed & neutered at the appropriate time. It is our past experience, past doodle loves and our "old dog" ... that brought us to our decision for puppy Goldendoodles. I could not be happier with our choice.

Okay, more of what has been happening!!! YIKES!!!

I have struggled with knee and back pain for years!!! ((( I AM OLD & TOUGH ))) I used to love working in the yard... a little too much. Fast forward to a little over a month ago, a disc in my back collapsed. It has been coming and finally happened. The surgeon says it is worn completely out. Its not good! It has collapsed, worn completely out and is pinching a nerve. And it hurts, immensely! I have been making it. Yes I can now walk (couldn't at first) but I limit activities. This is where the puppy Lexi has been terrific for me. She is keeping me moving, happy and she is like a tiny therapy dog right now. She gives tons of hugs and kisses.

Many of you already know this! We have rescheduled sessions. Thank you so much for working with me. It means so much that you have stuck with me through this. No sessions are cancelled - they are just spread out on the calendar. I have high hopes and positive thoughts for my treatment plan and recovery. (Prayers are much appreciated!) Surgery is likely way on down the road. (way far off!) I have opted for now, nerve blocks and physical therapy. (He has already told me there will be more than one nerve block, & many weeks of PT). I need the PT for my photography work, so I am looking forward to this.

We have spread out my sessions. Sometimes shooting is easier than editing. (Believe it or not!) Sitting a desk to edit is MORE painful. But I am working it out! My clients and my assistants have been utterly awesome! Editing is taking a few days longer than normal for this reason.

My sessions are all rescheduled & packed until September!!! ((Along with Physical Therapy, new puppies and obedience school! )) My schedule is full. Right now I only have a couple of session spots left in September. If you would like to get booked and confirmed for September or October, do it now. (Fill out the booking form on my website)

**I have some big plans yet to be announced about my small pet photography business. No, I am not stopping. Quite the opposite. I have been working behind the scenes on the future of my business. I will be making the big announcement a little later during the year. So stay tuned for more information!**

So … while I have been scheduling and rescheduling everyone … my thoughts turn to the holidays. Last year, I worked from September to Thanksgiving without ONE day off! That's right... zero days off!! I was beat!!!!! Plus I was volunteering. So, I cannot hold up to that schedule again.

I am taking a poll. What would you prefer:

1, Christmas session ... in studio or outside. Only Christmas??

2, Christmas and Thanksgiving combined - outside??? Kinda a limited edition special!

My studio is too small to do this inside. This would only be offered at 1 park. The day will be weather dependent and before Thanksgiving.

3, Keep it as is... with booking the same - in studio or location for Fall or Christmas as separate sessions?

The backdrop companies that I use are already offering Christmas backdrops, I need to prepare. But if we plan for outdoors, I don't need the backdrop. I will have props.

I will limit the number of photos sessions during the holidays. It is hard for me to do this ! Every year we have so much fun with our holiday sessions. All of my previous clients will have first choice of spots and then I will open up any remainder of sessions. Every year, my previous clients fill my schedule. (( And I am SOOOOO VERY THANKFUL you choose me as your photographer for Pet Portraits & many of us have become friends over the years)) The number of sessions I offer will depend if its on location or studio!

Thank you for your understanding and supporting my small pet photography business. Your opinion matters to me. So let me know! Take the poll or shoot me a text. I would love to hear from you. I am only going to keep the poll open a few days - as I need to make some decisions about holiday sessions. Christmas in July is coming up!!!!

The Poll has been closed !

📸©Sandra Ferguson Photography


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