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Updated: 6 days ago

What have yall been doing??

Well, I have been quite busy myself. I thought I would update you all.

I have been questioned and questioned, so I will address this. Yes, I have a PUPPY. (( awwwweeeee, puppy love)) She is absolutely perfect! She is now 3 months old and growing into a Standard Goldendoodle.

The questions I am asked, "Why did I get a goldendoodle" & "Why did I buy from a breeder"? So, here are my answer.

Because it was our choice. (period)

I am not a breed specific or breed prejudice pet photographer or dog Mom! I love all dogs! I could NOT do pet photography and only love one breed or only love rescues. I am not just a rescue photographer, I photograph ALL animals & ALL species. ((I do not photograph for Pit Bull Breeders - we can discuss that in private)) But I absolutely photograph Pit Bulls for clients, friends and rescues.

We made the best possible decision for us!!

And when you are bringing dog into your family - you need to do what is best for YOU. Take a look at your lifestyle, your pack, your work hours, your family, your health, the pups health, how were they raised, communications with the breeder or rescue and think about your goals for the pup. Just a couch buddy, that is good! Or service or therapy dog, that is good! Only YOU can make the decision what is best for your family.