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Pet Friendly Businesses - Memphis Tennessee

This is the fanciest birthday cake my Ziggy dog has ever had !!!! Well he deserves it. As you can see .... he turned ELEVEN YEARS OLD... yes * 11 * ! He is my baby doodle dog and always will be.

But I wanted to share some photos and give a shout out to Woof Gang Bakery in Cordova, TN.

Our groomer has been at Woof Gang and Ziggy has been going to her most of his life! But Woof Gang is not just the spa.

The owner makes the fabulous cakes! I have bought other cookies, cupcakes etc. The dogs love them. But this cake is awesome. Its like a human cake and soooo pretty.

Go by and get some treats, cookies and order your fur baby a cake!!! And the bandana ... I never even thought about personalizing the birthday bandana!! Yes... Woof Gang did this too!

But Woof Gang has other products.... I want to share!

Ziggy is 11 and has hip dysplasia. CBD Oil literally changed his life. He uses the blue bottle one.... I can never remember the dose. CBD Oil is good for so many things!! But I am a huge advocate for hip dysplasia ! Before taking it, Ziggy was hurting and would not play or barely move outside. After taking CBD Oil - he twirls and plays @ 11 years old with hip dysplasia.

The other item pictured here ... Vital Essentials Beef Topper is also soooo good. When Oliver (my other dog) was going thru Addison Crisis he would not eat. We tried everything. Tammy suggested this product and goats milk .... whalahhhh it was a winner and he started eating. I still put the topper on all of my dogs kibble everyday! They love it.

Woof Gang has everything you need.... leashes, collars, clothes, and food. Go by and see them. Pick up some things for your pooch and pick up one of my business cards too!!!


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