Pet Photographer

When you hire a Specialized Pet Photographer to photograph your pet. Keep in mind what you are paying for. You can take "good facebook digitals" on your cell phone. You hire a Pet Photographer for prints, canvas, wall art or gifts.

Do you work for an employer? Do you own a small business? Do FEDEX workers work for free? Does exposure for a Doctor or Dentist work. NO... no way. So please don't expect Photographers to "work for free".

Cost of professional cameras are $3,000 and up. Strobes lights $1,000 and up. Those little memory cards for professionals with extra room and speed are $300 and up. There are fees associated with website, credit card payments, advertising, printing business cards.

When a Specialized Pet Photographer knows how to get the animals attention, showcase their personality and gets dirty, muddy & still loves the slobbery wet dog kisses. This is priceless. We also know... there are no "mini-sessions" for pets. We take our time, get the pet comfortable, try to get the Pet Parent relaxed, start photographer, and start back over. We invest our time, skills, equipment and love into every session. We do this because we are pet lovers and pet owners.

Every session for me requires numerous emails and telephone calls with the pet parent in planning and discussing the photo session. Then I plan props, location & equipment. At this point I have about 3 hours of my time invested. Then normal sessions last 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours for 1-2 pets/humans. (more pets, more time) But my time doesn't stop here. For every 2 hours of shooting is 8-10 hours of editing. Editing requires removing leashes, people, humans feet & hands, poop on the ground, food crumbs, eye boogies and so much more. (to get the images to my photographic style that you have hired me for)

Please think about this photo the next time you hire a Specialized Pet Photographer. You are hiring a professional for prints, wall art, and canvas. Not Facebook & Instagram digitals that you can do on your cell phone. And no one works for free. There is no small business or big corporation that employees work for free. We have investments and cost in our photography business. I am a Specialized Pet Photographer that also gives back. Donations are made to rescues and I volunteer approximately one week each month at rescue. | 901-626-1102 | Memphis, Tn.

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