Pet Sessions

Every pet portrait session the owners will say the same things...

"They don't do this at home"

"He is not this bad"

"She does know sit"

"This is the worst photo session ever"

"Will you just sit down and look at the camera"

I get a bunch of these shots

My dogs do the same thing. My dogs are worse. My husband almost got pulled into a lake and had his hand sliced open from a leash. My dogs that look like they are professional models - HOLD THE WORST SESSION EVER!

Wardrobe Malfunction

So trust me when I say … take a deep breath, just watch, they don't have to sit down and I am getting shots... I just take a bunch. Trust me!! You have hired me to take photographs and I am getting the shots.

I like for dogs to move around, I like tongues out, I like side views & butt views. My style of photography is sharp in focus dogs and I prefer close ups. But I get a variety of shots~ close up, full body and a bunch of blurred images.

Always on leash and always people in my shots that I remove in post editing.

Every dog has on a leash. I edit out leashes. The only time I don't edit leashes out is if they are wrapped around fingers of a human or wrapped around paws. Its also hard to do if the leash skims the dog or skims the humans leg. So I try to get people to hold the leash straight up. Harnesses are a whole different ball of wax and sometimes they cannot be removed. (I am NOT a photoshop graphic artist)

And well... it happens. And well... sometimes worse. So many times I have been using backdrops and this happens. I already know we are working with animals. My backdrops are either washable or they are paper and thrown away. Outdoors... we let them take breaks.

Because I get so close to the dogs... yes.. I have been bit, growled at, pee'd on, lunged at... etc... but usually its slobbery wet kisses. I am after all... holding treats.

Sometimes ... out takes & OOPS photos are so funny I like to share with clients. This photo is a typical pet portrait photo session. Everyone thinks because I get the dogs "split second" of looking at the camera... I am some kind of "pet" whisperer. Nope, just a quick shutter button. Every session looks like this and I think its hysterical. This image would be a good Christmas Card for laughs. Mom is beautiful, one dog yawning and bored, one dog gonna get out of this and Dad is like... WHAT?

But then, I take out leashes and remove unwanted people. I cull thru photos and tweak so many things. For these shots... these are pet sessions! So have fun with your dogs at sessions and laugh... they like to hear you laugh!! | 901-626-1102 | Memphis, Tn.

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