Puppy Dog Eyes

When I am photographing pets (not just dogs but any animal) I want them looking straight into the camera!!

We want to get those soulful eyes of our faithful friends or those puppy dogs eyes!

That's why all noises and verbal commands need to be done by the photographer.

If you are telling the pet, "look" "wanna treat" "who the good boy"... anything you say ... they are going to look at you!! You are thier pack leader and they LOVE YOU. I am just a lady with a camera.

So when they look at you... this is what it looks like through my camera lens.

While the photos are good... you hired me to take photos of them looking directly into my camera!!

Most likely... every photo you take on your cell phone has your pet "looking up" because you are pointing the camera/phone down at them.

But I am on the ground with them. Eye level and usually face to face. I know how hard it is when you see the photographer saying "wanna treat" "who wants a ball" or "making noises"...& your pet doesn't respond ...so you feel like you need to say something to your pet.

Its okay. I am bonding with your pet and learning what is important and valuable to them. Let me know "key" words or phrases they hear everyday. Let me know favorite treat. Let me make some funny noises. I also have my … if all else fails "thing to do". (Its a secret) But don't give them commands... unless you want photos of them "looking at you & not the camera".

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