Santa Paws ~ Part 2

This is Jureigh again! In the first photo she was about 6 months old. I fell in love with her … she is beautiful. What happens with puppies? They grow up to be big strong girls!

This is Jureigh at about 1 1/2 years old. She is strong!!! Very strong. My husband is a big man and she could pull him across the yard. She is a lovebug! She wants kisses and love. But she is strong!!

Jureigh has this thing she does. If she is not getting her way or the thing she wants. She will flatten out on the ground and you think... aweeeee. But then, with all her might... she SCOOTS. With every ounce of her body she will crawl and scoot across any surface she is on.

Right here I want to say... I ask everyone to let their dogs be a little hungry. So they will want treats. Don't feed them right before a session. Well Jureigh had breakfast. But we had been photographing for HOURS. Like half a day of hours. Jureigh had at the time 5 other bully brothers/sister. (now there is 8 all together) She was last to be photographed & Jureigh was ready for SUPPER. She wanted the treats but she said~ JUREIGH IS HUNGRY WOMAN.

I also need to clarify something. I am that person who laughs from the toenails up and I cry tears when I laugh! I also laugh if you trip or fall. I will ask if you are ok at some point before, during and after. But I may still be laughing!!

I made this next image large... Because Santa Mom is tired. (photographer was too) Like I mentioned we had been photographing HOURS and we were running out of day light. You can see the sun had set behind us!! I literally did not know I could photograph in the dark! Thanks to my strobe light we were shooting fine !! But, look at Santa Mom. Jureigh had been scooting and scooting. Santa Mom's hand is now "patting" the rocking chair. She was like one more time Jureigh and that's it. I am steadily "taking" photos !!

This image is large too! Santa Mom has had a breakdown!

Jureigh knows it too! I mean... look at the leash laying in Santa Moms lap. Jureigh is just a sweet girl worried about her Santa Mom. "Whats wrong, whats wrong... I didn't mean to keep scooting... I'm hungry Santa Mom...Jureigh is HUNGRY!!"

And the photographer ((ME))… keeps on shooting, making noises and doing my thing!

Santa Mom got herself back together and put her beard back on … and then I grabbed the treat bag. JUREIGH IS HUNGRY !!

These were 2 separate images #1074 and #1075... they look the same. But I made some notations on the 2nd image. And I will enlarge for you.

When Santa Mom got herself together, Jureigh sat down and possibly in SCOOT position. I grabbed the treat bag and Jureigh FLUNG herself towards me!! But make note of some important things in this photo. You see Jureighs butt. She is all over me and the treat bag. You also notice the photographer ((ME)) is still snapping photos!! Santa Mom is face first in the ground. But as all good and awesome dog Moms … Santa Mom was not letting go of that leash for nothing. I did finally ask Santa Mom if she was okay. We were both quite stunned by what happened. The rocking chair is no longer usable but Santa Mom was OK.

We laughed so hard over this incident. Thank goodness Santa Mom was not hurt.

We finally got our composure together and snapped a few more photos. We realized Jureigh was not having it & she needed supper. So we wrapped up the session. Santa Mom was gracefully helping the Photographer load up everything in between us laughing. The leash Santa Mom uses is a custom made leather 7 in 1 leash. Its wonderful. She wrapped it around the tree and secured Jureigh while we loaded the car. It was pitch dark out in the country except for the porch light and car light. We were standing at the car and Jureigh broke the leash and came running to Santa Mom with all her might!!

Its like she was screaming across the yard... JUREIGH IS HUNGRY MOM FEED ME!!! And she went inside to eat her supper!

We have had so many laughs over this. Sometimes you just take the best photos you get from sessions. I always say... "We can only do what the dogs will do". But anytime I know we are going to be photographing half a day... or all day... feed the dogs. We just want them a little hungry. I don't blame Jureigh... if I had not ate since breakfast... I would have been the same way!!!

Jureigh is a beautiful girl. She is very strong but very much lovable. This was from our last fall session. I had to include one beautiful photo of Jureigh. (( But this photo happens to be the one she scooted across the yard with my husband! )) | 901-626-1102 | Memphis, Tn.

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