Wow - 2 Years!!

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Facebook has reminded me its my 2 year anniversary with Paws & Claws. Two years I have been volunteering every month.

When I first met up with Heather, she had her camera and I had mine. She showed me how she shot. I showed her how I shot. And she put her camera up and she said "Do Whatever You Want". And the relationship began between Paws & Claws & Sandra Ferguson Photography.

I am so grateful for Paws & Claws ~ for the work they do saving lives and caring for the animals. Rescue is hard work. Its not always clean work, there are dogs to tend to, feed and clean up after. There are hot, hot, hot days and freezing cold days. Rescue knows "no" holidays. They are there at work every single day!! They get to know their animals. Everyone plays with them, pets them, loves on them, test them for tricks, teach them tricks & work on manners. They work with all of the animals. And some ...they (we) ...are sad to see leave. But they know on the flip side, they are getting on that van for their long ride north to be introduced to their Northern Rescues to find loving & caring forever families.

Volunteer photography is hard work also. I don't put in the daily grind. But I volunteer every month and try to be available as they need me (or want me). I enjoy it! I enjoy being with the workers and volunteers. I enjoy meeting the dogs & cats and learning their behaviors. Volunteering and watching workers "handle" dogs have taught me so much in handling my clients pets for photography. They don't throw dogs in cages and wait for transport. Paws & Claws "KNOWS" their animals, all their behaviors, all the good, everything that needs work , all the love and everything about the dog in front of them.

But volunteer photography still endures the long hot days or the cold days. Wet dogs, slobbery dogs, fearful cats and animal hair. (this affects expensive photography equipment) It takes hours to prepare, shoot, and edit. But it is so worth it. When I am told... they picked "a dog I photographed"... my heart jumps for joy! The rescue and future family will never know what all went into that "one" photo. But I know, the animals "future" can teeter in that one photo.. it needs to be good clear photo and show the animals personality!!

I am so thankful to be a very small part of Tipton County Paws & Claws. They are always needing volunteers!!! If you ever want to volunteer, sign up thru thier Facebook page or website. Contact me and I will get you in touch with them. | 901-626-1102 | Memphis, Tn.

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