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Rescue Group / Foster Photo Sessions

One Dog At A Time program helps me to focus on just one rescue dog and provide more images.  We can tailor a session for specific animals via studio or outside.  Create unique images and create more photoshop scenes.

One Dog At A Time is for the dogs that have been in foster homes 6 months or longer, or that are hard to photograph or have behavioral problems and need to be worked with.  

These sessions are scheduled and booked.  I mark off blocks of time for these sessions.

Your rescue will be emailed a contract for each session you book.

Terms & Conditions

Fees &

 * Normal retainer fee $160-$225 is waived on Giving Back program.

 * Late Arrival - up to 10 mins late, session is cancelled & rescue group will be billed $25 Late Fee

 * All cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance.  If session is cancelled without 48 hours notice, the rescue group will be billed a cancellation fee of $100

 * No show - No calls or text, blatant disrespectful no show, the rescue group will be billed a session fee of $225

 * All collections of the above fees will be handled by my legal representatives of affiliated organizations and my attorney. 


 * All digital images will be delivered in public gallery for the rescue group to download.

 * No screenshots, please download the images.

 * Digital images are NOT for printing or resale, except by Sandra Ferguson Photography. 

 * All prints of images are purchased through the photographers gallery. 

 * Digital images are COPYRIGHT, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED to the photographer Sandra Ferguson.  These Copyright Laws mean     that you cannot print, edit or distribute this images without the photographers consent. 

 * Rescue Groups agree to share the gallery with potential adopters.


  • Sandra Ferguson Photography retains copyright, all rights reserved. 

  • Do not edit, alter, add text, add clipart, add filters or in anyway change a photograph.  Doing so constitutes copyright infringement.

  • Do not remove the photographers watermark or crop off when posting.  Doing so constitutes copyright infringement.

  • Do not print a watermarked photographed at any local lab for any reason.  Doing so constitutes copyright infringement.

  • The only exception is on Pet Finder where you may have specific size requirements and the photographer edited the image for wrong size.  You have the authorization to post/crop on Pet Finder for your needs in getting the animal adopted and seen.

  • Copyright infringement fees are awarded to photographers up to $150,000 per image. The Copyright Act protects photographers with exclusive rights. These rights make it illegal to copy, print, scan, edit, distribute, sell or transfer.  It is illegal to share a photographers work without photographic credit.  Violators of the Copyright Protection Act are subject to civil and criminal penalties.

  • If we agree upon a photo session, a complete contract will be issued and must be signed by an authorized individual of the Rescue Group.  The contract will include Model Release Human, Model Release Animal,  Property Release (State of TN animals are property), and a Waiver.  The contract is a legal and binding contract in the State of Tennessee,  between the Rescue Group and Photographer.  

Please fill out this general information form below for a rescue group photo session.

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