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I'm your specialized pet photographer in Memphis!

I’m proud to be considered one of the best pet photographers in Memphis. My clients appreciate that I genuinely love what I do and it shows in the quality of my work. I have years of experience working with pets, and it is through this experience that I’ve developed my skills and techniques to create well-composed images. Let me know what you are looking for, and I will be happy to explain how we can make your vision happen.

Senior Dogs, A Dogs Love, Heart Dog

It's more than just a photo

It's moments in time that capture your story, bond, and love

Our heart dogs, our soul mates, and our forever dogs. When you have experienced this kind of love, you never want to give it up.  But as pet parents, we know their lives are so very short. 10-15 years on the average. That is not long enough.

I'm here to capture the raw, genuine moments you share with your pets throughout their lifetime. Because they deserve to be remembered.

Maybe you have puppies!  You can document their lives from the moment they come to your home.  Or the teenage years when they are into everything.  Those perfect adult years when they are your best friend. 

Wherever your pet is in life, capture the moments. Take photos on your phone.  But hire a photographer and purchase prints.  Hang them on your walls, in frames on your desk or have memory books created.  

Just like the love we have for our pets, these images are forever.

Studio Dog Photography
Sandra Ferguson Photographer, Author, Rescue Photography
Memphis Dog Photographer
Dog Portraits, Rescue Photographer
Memphis Dog Photographer


Hello. I'm Sandra!

Capturing Unforgettable Moments with Your Furry Friend

Sandra Ferguson Photography is a premium photography studio that specializes in pet photography. My goal is to capture the love, beauty and personality of your pets in every image. Whether your pet is an energetic puppy or a senior cat, I use my years of experience and patience to draw out their true essence.


As a fellow pet owner and animal lover, I know the value in capturing the perfect shot, and I am dedicated to providing you with exceptional service and stunning images that you and your loved ones will cherish forever.

Sandra Ferguson Photography
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Elegant Paper
Memphis Dog Photographer
Sandra Ferguson Photography

Am I the right photographer for you? Here's how ya know:

  • You're looking for someone with experience in animals and photography

  • You're looking for someone that takes their time and is not rushed

  • You love the images that bring out your pets personality

  • You're okay with me playing and loving on your pet

  • You want a photographer that creates wall art, photographic prints and albums

  • You love your pet, they are family.

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