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Behind the lens …

Welcome to my website!  I have always had a passion for photography and animals.  I started taking pictures of my own animals with film and gradually progressed to were I am today.  I have approximately 15 years experience (self taught) photographing animals.  


We have 4 dogs (1-goldendoodle, 1-terriermix, 1-Wheaten Terrier Mix, 1-BergerPicard).  I still take a lot of pictures of them.  You can follow a lot of thier photographs on my Facebook page and Instagram.

When you schedule your session with me - we are going to have fun and take our time.  Your pet needs time to settle and get used of a camera pointing at them.  We need to get to know each other.  I am going to be rolling on the ground with them.  My pets & your pets act differently at home … this is no surprise to me.  But I will work every trick I can to get special photographs of your loved fur baby. 

Schedule your session as soon as possible.  I am booking several weeks out & I want to be sure you get on the calendar.


I greatly appreciate you sharing my website and referrals.  


Thank you !!!