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pet representative

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Do you have what it takes!!

Pet Representatives Requirements

1. Socialized and well mannered

2. Not afraid of thunder or lightening

3. Not afraid of loud noises

4. Leash trained

5. No diet restrictions

6. Allowed to get on furniture

7. Loves to play and loves people

8.  No issue with other dogs at a distance

Pet Parents


1. Available for 2 to 3 sessions during the year


2. All pet rep sessions are scheduled in advance by the photographer


3. All holiday sessions are held 2-3 months before the holiday


4. You will not receive special images (holiday, employee of the month, etc) until the event occurs

5. You will be added to a private Facebook group for current pet representatives.

6. You agree to all modeling requirements in contract.

7. You understand this is my small business and my time is valuable.  You will make every effort to be at your scheduled sessions and on time


There is a one time sitting fee of $60 good for the current year.  This fee covers 2-3 sessions throughout the year.  This fee is non-refundable and does not include prints.

You receive 15% discount on all prints and products through the gallery lab.

If you must cancel a session, please cancel within 48 hours prior to scheduled time.  Failure to due so results in a cancellation fee.

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