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Ain't to proud to beg!

Sitting pretty and begging.

That's what me and Stormi are doing here. (Well Stormi is sitting pretty ... me not so much - haha)

When you were searching for a Pet Photographer in Memphis, you likely went to social media and google. You look at photographs, you look for images of the photographer, you look for their experience, location, reviews and you even look to see if they have pets.

See, I know you are not looking for what brand of Camera I shoot with, or what brand of lights I use. Or all the things that I can photograph - like the moon, stars or bugs. You want to know that I can capture your pets image, personality, and soulful eyes. You want to know when you hire me, you will receive images of your pet like the ones on my website.

You also want to know "how a session works" and of course "how much". That is why I disclose everything on my website. Its all there. The investment tab and frequently asked questions. But, when you book a session with me you also get a brochure on "How to Prepare for Your Session" with your new client package. The brochure is filled with tips and things I have learned over the years because I have specialized in pet photography.

It doesn't end there! When you leave you receive a small thank you gift bag. It's filled with various items. But one is this brochure! It outlines everything you will need to do for viewing your proofs, placing your order, editing time etc. It is filled with information, inside and out.

I disclose everything so it is readily available. I hide nothing and I don't make changes for different people. If one person retains my services it is the same price for the next person. (Including my own friends and family - they pay the same)

But, what I cannot disclose is your reaction to your proofs. I wait patiently for those emails or texts - "WOW" or "I LOVE THESE". I wish every person could read the sweet messages you have sent me regarding your pets photos. Even people I have never met, that adopted a pet from rescue that I photographed, send me the sweetest messages.

When its time for other people to look for a pet photographer, they will look at reviews and mentions. Both on Google and Facebook. When I am looking for any type of service, I always look at reviews. I also ask friends and family! We want to know before we hire someone. That's why YOUR reviews are so important for me. My future clients are looking at the reviews on Google & Facebook and searching for mentions on social media.

Please take a moment and leave a review for me. How our session went, what you thought about me, my photography, the before, during and after. Anything you can tell someone that will help them make a decision to pick me as their specialized "Pet Photographer" in Memphis, Tennessee.

Google Reviews - just google my business, Sandra Ferguson Photography and click on reviews. Or use this link.

Facebook Reviews -

Thank you all so much!


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