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Back to School - Pet Photos

August is Back to School month! I have been listening to all the animals I photograph and its unanimous, they did not get their Back to School Photos.

They have studied and worked hard. They don't get report cards or diplomas. But they know the value in "Good Boy" or "Good Girl". They know when they past the test of pleasing their human.

Some excelled at top of their class and they are champions. Some are most likely to woof, or most likely to paws. Then we have the Novice Head-tilt or the Expert Head-tilt. Your pet may be a Canine Good Citizen or AKC registered. But you may also have the Mutt of the Year. The best ball catcher, treat catcher, best kisses, best protector, best friend, best travel buddy, best little mixed up breed you could ever want because they will never leave your side. Lets face it - our pets are awesome!

Look at everything your pet has learned. They may know sit, shake, stay, place, down, rollover, high five, speak, whisper, and fetch. The list is endless.

But look at everything they do by instinct. Love unconditionally, snuggle, give kisses, lay by our feet, follow us room to room, always by our side, listen to us, never tell our secrets and I cannot say this enough, "they love unconditionally, no matter what". Rich or poor, fancy or plain, they do not care.

Your pet may be in kindergarten, teenage years, seniors & have graduated already. They are all welcomed back to take their Back to School Photos. Let put together a class photo of pets for :


With your pets photos you are donating to Paws & Claws. All the funds raised will help all the dogs & cats in their care now and future animals they save. I have volunteered for a many years with Paws & Claws. I have made friends that are dear to my heart. They are a wonderful group of people, dedicated to saving & helping animals.

Back to School Pet Photos will be held at PETCO in Millington, on Saturday August 5th 10am-3pm. All digital images will be posted on my Facebook page and Instagram - you can share your pets images online. I have a Gallery Website set up, you can download your digitals or purchase prints at rescue pricing. (everything is discounted from my original prices)





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