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Behind the scenes - not what you expect.

I mentioned to you all that I began photography over 15 years ago. Its more like 20 years ago. Well.... okay... a lifetime ago.

Every session is a learning experience. It can be dog handling, photography, weather or people!

I taught myself through trial and error! Everything I know with photography and with editing is self taught. There have been many errors made and many blunders.

When I advanced to Off Camera Flash ... it was a total game changer for me. You can do things with Off Camera Flash that you cannot do without it!!! I started with regular Flashes and then advanced to strobes.

But.... behind the scenes... I practiced and practiced and practiced. Almost every session before clients would show up ... I was shooting. Dog photography and editing dog fur.... can be a challenge. You want to see details in the fur when you zoom in. (granted on FB it loses so much quality.... it usually looks grainy there) But on my computer I want to see details.

And .... here is the giant Teddy Bear. He was the most photographed Teddy Bear in the world !!! Many photographers also practiced with Teddy Bear!!!!

This was taken at the same lake where the Dalmatians were photographed above. (not the same day)

I would tote this Teddy Bear to every park, field & studio. I put a hat on him so that I could learn about shadows on faces and put a green shirt to show color cast on his fur.

He visited many locations and MANY PEOPLE just looked at me like I was NUTS.

Well Teddy Bear was finally retired and he made some little kid happy.

I needed more. (there is always progressing and learning to do)

And now... if you walk into my studio you will find Buddy. Buddy is a black and white Border Collie.

A challenge for many photographers (myself included) is a white dog next to a black dog. What do you expose for??? Your white dog will be blown out of no details of fur. Or the black dog will be underexposed and very dark.

In steps ==> Buddy. I am constantly trying to perfect my studio lights and get different affects. You cannot always try different things with client dogs or my dogs for that matter. They get restless and if its not fun, they are not interested. So in steps Buddy. Buddy has helped me solve many lighting blunders and situations. He helps with the black/white settings. Oh... Buddy doesn't get restless. He always has fun. Even when I put hats on for color or shadows.

There you have it ... a little behind the scenes of Sandra Ferguson Photography.


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