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Behind the scenes of a session

I am asked so many times, "how do you get the dogs to look at you" or "how do you get the dogs to pose"?

The only magic formula is "patience". I have an abundance of patience working with animals. I love seeing them transform in front of my lens. I love seeing pets respond to me and look straight into my camera lens.

Did you know, you can act a fool around a dog? They do not care. If you act goofy, make noises, dance around, toss some treats and tell them GOOD DOG. It's a PAW-ty and they are game. Now my human clients are probably thinking, what is this old woman doing??? Its even worse when I get the humans in the portrait. The first thing I say is, " yall smile, I am looking at the dogs!!"

Truth be told, pet parents are a big key to pet portrait sessions. Your pets are looking up to you. If you talk, they look at you. If you make a noise they look at you. Most of the time, pet parents

are holding the leash. (This is so important to hold the pet in place)