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Birthday & Cake Smash

Happy 14th Birthday Harry!!!

Harry came to my studio in Memphis for his birthday bash!!! Harry is a social media influencer and has won hearts all over the world! His Mom brought his cake & balloons ... together we had the best time with Harry.

Don't forget to celebrate your pups birthday! Celebrate every year starting with one year old! They deserve it! They know its a special day because they are getting tons of attention and oh my... a cake or birthday cookies.

If you come my studio for your birthday bash... we will take tons of photos, we can use different props & clothing.

If you can't tell by the photo, Harry's tongue turned blue due to eating that scrumptious & beautiful birthday cake!

While I have many items in studio, Harry's Mom left me a fantastic item! A balloon inflator. I am so excited over this. No more hand pumping or blowing up balloons.

And I will always take a few extra photos, not related to the event. I like for everyone to have portrait photos that can be displayed everyday!

Book your birthday parties and cake smash (or cake licking) sessions early !!! My schedule fills up fast and you want to be sure to celebrate in advance or on their special day.


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