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Eye Stains / Eye Boogers

Ok...lets get gross. The eye boogies and eye gunk.

It CAN be a ton of photoshop involved in this. I never ever ever ever guarantee I can remove the eye boogies and gunk. Or stains for that matter. It is TONS of photoshop involved and I do charge extra for that and its still not guaranteed.

The black dog above is a rescue. The big hunk of (FOR LACK OF BETTER WORDS) boogers.... are easy to remove.... it gets to smaller ones or where its wrapped all around the eyes... ughhhhhhhh.... its a ton of work.

White dogs stain around the eyes and mouth. Do everything you can to eliminate the staining before you come for your session. White dogs can look blotchy when editing out stains. I just prefer to not do it.

This is Radar.... I did everything I could to remove staining around his mouth. Its still there. I wish it would be perfect. But white dogs stain. ( I know... I have a fawn color dog that stains when she drinks tons of water)

This is Doodle.... has staining around the mouth. A good groomer told me some tips about eliminating some of the stains.

I need to try some of tips !!! (baby powder, flour... google it)

But in the meantime... our pets are still cute... even with staining. But get rid of the eye BOOGERS!!


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