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Giant Breeds

Mastiff - Meet Tulip. Let me tell you ... you have not had shuuggggahhh unless you have had Mastiff kisses!! She is a lovebug. Tulip had her photo session with her family of K9's but she also entered the Model Call for Giant Breeds. You will most definitely see this face again... she makes me smile! (her expressions are priceless!)

Our model call ends on Saturday July 17th. We have all breeds entered ...except GIANT SCHNAUZER !! I have contacted a few people and never received confirmation back from the Pet Parents.

We would most definitely take MORE THAN ONE Giant Schnauzer !!!

The reason Giant Schnauzer is so important to us. My friend is very interested in this breed. I suggested before she jumps into a Giant breed (she has small dogs) she should meet the breed and get to know some personality traits. Hence this started the model call but it also morphed into a separate business project for me.

I know there are Giant Schnauzers in Memphis !!! I know you would love digital photos of your Giant Schnauzers. You don't have to live in Memphis but I do prefer local to 901 area. I received tons of emails from all over the USA... I think everyone needs to be close and within driving distance. (this is just a small model call for a few digital photos)

The model sessions will be held & locations disclosed at a later date. I will officially go through all the email submissions and send out model notifications & contracts this weekend!

If you have friends, family, grooming, boarding, pet stores, rescue, veterinary and breeder contacts- that may know Giant Schnauzers ... please send them this post! Have them contact me at soon - model call ends Saturday July 17th


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