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Model Call – Please read before responding!!

We are working on a project {{ on location }} in the Memphis Area. (location & time will be disclosed later) We need the following models:

(pictured Nigel - Wolfhound Mix)

***Giant Schnauzer – adult, full grown, purebred ** very important to get this breed!**

**Great Pyrenees - adult, full grown, purebred

**Great Dane – adult, full grown, preference to Mantle Great Dane

**Irish Wolfhound – adult, full grown, purebred

**Afghan Hound – adult, full grown, purebred

Lastly – any giant dog purebred or mix breed (even a giant dog in rescue/foster). Must be giant size. Does not have to be a giant dog - if you have other ideas for "giant animals"...let us know! All giant animals will be considered. (Farm animals - let me know what you have -but must be able to travel to location in the 901 Area!)

All models must be dog & people friendly, on flea/tick treatment, & can tolerate the heat/sun. Water will be provided. Must be cleaned, bathed and brushed. Will be on leash the entire photoshoot held by owner!!! You must be able to handle your pet…please don’t let a 150-pound dog DRAG you to the location.

Human family will have the opportunity to jump in on a few photos at the end!

You will receive professional watermarked digital photos in return for your time. (No other compensation) You will have the opportunity to purchase any prints at model discount pricing. No purchase is required. Model release and agreement must be signed.

We need 4 Giant Animals for this project!! All entries are closed July 17TH 2021 & you will be notified by email if your Gentle Giant is chosen.

Please email your giant breed/mix information, name, phone number and a PHOTO at


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