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Live A Great Story Rescue Dogs

Rescue dog photography
Rescued - Live a Great Story


You see me from time to time put this around rescued dogs neck. Seems a lot of people do not know what this is.

Zach Horvath is the founder of Live a Great Story. After traveling through Europe for 7 months and the loss of his grandfather, Zach gained a deeper meaning about life. He spray-painted the phrase on a heavy trafficked pedestrian walkway in his hometown, Austin, TX, and the movement took off globally. (copied from Google)

Live A Great Story has a website to purchase clothing, flags etc... There is a blog and they are on social. You should follow them. I personally have friends that have a flag and when they travel they take photos of themselves with the flag. I have some of their pins and stickers I give in my client gift bags.

Live A Great Story connects and inspires people. Animals do the same for us. Connects and inspires us to be better humans.

Pet Photography
Rescue Dog - Live A Great Story

Live a Great Story reminds me of a personal experience. My husband had Colon Cancer Stage 3C. The doctors were not giving me hope. My husband kept on fighting daily life. After surgery and 6 months of chemo they told us, Go Live Your Life, for 6 months. What??? We went through trauma, now go live. So we did. For several years and several scans every 6 months. We lived life in 6 month increments. Until he went to every 5 years. They said Go Live Your Life! It is scary but true... go live life.

For rescue dogs, they all have a past! Every rescue dog has a story to tell. It is up to us to tell their stories. We are their voice. Shelters and rescue groups tell what they know about the animals.

For a photographer, we want to show them now. Looking for their forever people and looking forward to the future. They are ready to live life from this point and begin their story ... with a safe home and family. They are ready to Go Live their Life!

I need some bandana's from Live A Great Story... for now I use this medallion with a ribbon. I want all the rescue dogs that I photograph to Live A Great Story with their forever family! They deserve it!

That is the meaning behind this medallion on their neck.

Pet Photography
Rescue Dog - Live A Great Story


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