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How to prepare your pet for a photo session.

So we have all our paperwork completed and the session is booked!

Things you can do to prepare your pet for the session:

Grooming - Okay... photos do not smell. So bath is not always necessary. But brushing that fur - getting mattes out, eye boogies, eye stains, dirt, grass...clean em' up a bit!

Location of Session - Its a good idea to take your pet to the location of the session. It could be at a park they have never been at or they have never been around walkers, joggers or bikes. Take them on a couple of visits to session location.

Especially shy and timid dogs that are coming to the studio - make an extra trip here. No cameras or flashy lights. Let me meet the pups. You know if they are shy and timid .... meeting me first without the clicking and flashy thingys ... helps them a bit. I can give them treats, pet them and when they come back...they are like ...OH YEAH - the treat lady!

I use high value treats. Things they do not usually get at home! So I like for them to have an appetite. But please feed them!!! I don't want them so hungry they are searching for food. I had a session a few years back, the furkid had not ate since breakfast and we were almost dark getting to her session....and she was hangry !!!! (go back a few blog post you will find it! I love you Jureigh)

Walk / Exercise them before the session. It helps to burn off excess energy! They are calmer and ready to pose for the treats.

Have plenty of water to drink. I always bring a bowl and water to sessions. They get excited, eat treats, gets hot and they get thirsty. They may have a wet mouth in photos....but I would rather see that ...than have them so thirsty.

When you are preparing your pet for the session. It is very important for YOU ... to take care of YOU!!! You are holding the leash with your pup and they pick up that energy. If you are nervous (oh goodness she wont ever get this shot, Fluffy wont sit still, be still, sit down now).... they know you are nervous without you ever saying a word. So do I !!!!

Relax.... let me play with your pet. Just watch. Watch them respond to me. Watch them do things I ask of them. If I need your help - I will say something. (hold the leash up, move over, twist them here or there) Its so important that you are calm and having fun. Because your pet will have fun.

They want to make you happy!


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