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If walls could talk !

Many years ago, a very well meaning woman said something to me. When I showed her family photos and dog photos hanging on my walls... she said ~

"Well those are cute and all but should not be hanging in your living room"

At first I thought ... how rude. But then I took my photos down and just put up artwork. My photos were confined to our bedroom, desk and in our offices.

Did this lady know what she was talking about ? Many years later we were selling our home and the realtor said to remove personal things. No photos needed to be displayed. So I understand this with selling your home. But everyday life ???

When we moved to our new home (which is an older home) ... I hung the photographs on the walls, I sat them on tables and bookshelves. Our home ... is where we live!! I want the memories on the walls! I want to walk by and see family members and my furry babies. They mean everything to me! I don't care if I am not.... a home in a magazine, or winning the home of the year award or following designer instructions.

We hang the photographs and artwork that MEAN SOMETHING SPECIAL TO US. I have lost my immediate family and all I have are photographs and memories. When I see them on the walls of our home.... it touches my heart. I have lost pets (some way to early) and when I see their photos everyday hanging in our home... I smile. I loved them dearly.

Don't listen to the status quo or specialist... hang the photos of your family, hang the photos of your pets ... look at them every day !! Its your home. Put artwork on your walls that touch your heart... the ones you love!


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