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If walls could talk !

Many years ago, a very well meaning woman said something to me. When I showed her family photos and dog photos hanging on my walls... she said ~

"Well those are cute and all but should not be hanging in your living room"

At first I thought ... how rude. But then I took my photos down and just put up artwork. My photos were confined to our bedroom, desk and in our offices.

Did this lady know what she was talking about ? Many years later we were selling our home and the realtor said to remove personal things. No photos needed to be displayed. So I understand this with selling your home. But everyday life ???

When we moved to our new home (which is an older home) ... I hung the photographs on the walls, I sat them on tables and bookshelves. Our home ... is where we live!! I want the memories on the walls! I want to walk by and see family members and my furry babies. They mean everything to me! I don't care if I am not.... a home in a magazine, or winning the home of the year award or following designer instructions.