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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Look all around you. Listen to everyone talking. Its in the air. Christmas!

I wander what our pets think. Once a year they see us haul in a real or a fake tree. Put decorations on it. And all the shiny balls we tell them, don't touch. We start wearing all these ugly sweaters. Jingle bells are everywhere.

They watch us. They know its the most wonderful time of the year because we are happy and excited.

They know when we are stressed and rush. They will stick by you so close and give you extra fur baby love.

Then we begin decorating our pets. We dress them in pretty dresses, ties, tinsel and bows. We scoop them up and take them to the fat man in a red soft suit. There is so much stress around because other humans are waiting and other dogs are dressed up. We want them to smile and be excited for Santa Paws. We want the perfect picture to share on social media and Christmas cards.


MY DOGS... The photographer did the best with what they had. Daisy (black) was looking at another dog thinking "that idiot". Baxter is looking up thinking "I want that treat but I don't want to be close to this pointed ear dog". Sela, the pointed ear dog, you can see the whites of her eyes and ears pointed back (she hates men and this one has her by the collar). Then precious Ziggy is being held by the collar and he doesn't know why - because he is perfect anyways! (really Ziggy just wants to hump the little dog over there-yep...that's his obsession)

All of this can be stressful for our pets. I know first hand. I used to always want the Santa photo with my dogs. It never fully worked out. The stress was just too much even for my people loving and dog social Goldendoodle ~ Ziggy. (not to mention his sister hates men and hates the one in the red suit.) Even as a pet photographer I would still take my dogs for the Santa photos at retail stores.

In studio. Now they are all focused on the photographer (me). This is how I want pets. Looking at the camera, with soulful eyes and showing their unique personalities. (now if I could just get my husband to dress as Santa Paws)

When you book a Christmas session with me at my studio. The stress is not there. We give your pet time to settle, sniff, sniff and sniff. I have pet parents that dress as Santa themselves and it works great because the pet is not scared. Or we do fun photos with props. But its a good and fun experience for your pet. Also for the pet parents because we love to see our pets having fun.

Think about booking a Christmas Pet Portrait session next year! I will begin Christmas sessions during October to avoid rush. I always book up completely. You do not have to wait, you can always book early. Heck, we can do a Christmas session in June. Anytime of the year.

Enjoy the holiday season. Slow down. De-stress. Love on your pets.


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