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My Dogs New Years Pawsolutions 2022

My dogs got together with some friends and wrote out their New Years Pawsolutions for dogs everywhere. (Pawsolutions = Resolutions.) Lets see how far into 2022 they will make it!

Pawsolution #1 I will become friends with the mail person & the mail truck.

Pawsolution #2 I will become friends with the UPS, FedEx and Amazon “person”. They need to leave more Chewy boxes though!

Pawsolution #3 I will stop barking out the window when I see squirrel, cat or a person four blocks down the road.

Pawsolution #4 I will not nudge your arm while you are at your desk editing and mess up the photograph.

Pawsolution #5 I will not bark at the homeless dogs when they come to the studio. (otherwise known as the treat room)

Pawsolution #6 I will stop eating dirt, poop and other odd things in the yard – if you will feed me more treats.

Pawsolution #7 If I get sick or have an accident, I will try to make it to the floor that is easier to clean up.

Pawsolution #8 I will stop counter surfing and licking the floor – If you will “top” off my food with more meat.

Pawsolution #9 I will stop freaking out, like I haven’t seen you in three years, when you come out of the bathroom.

Pawsolution #10 I will take my pills and stop spitting them out if you put them in steak or hamburger.

Pawsolution #11 I am gonna find out who da good boy and good girl is.

We are not gonna change any of this, so don't even expect it. These are the Woofs!

Woof #1 We will continue getting excited, howling, barking and doing the Chubby Checker twist when you come home.

Woof #2 If you come home smelling like other dogs, I will be mad & jealous. But if they are homeless animals, I will forgive you.

Woof #3 I will always fart in the car, the store, the groomers, at the vet, with hoomans in the house and in the bed. Daddy does it & seems quite proud.

Woof #4 I will not stop chasing squirrels and cats when they run straight in front of me. So stop yelling.

Woof #5 I will take my time and scout the whole yard for the perfect spot to poop. If you fuss, I will take extra time.

Woof #6 I will bark at every human and dog that walks close to our yard. Like a maniac. I am protecting you.

Woof #7 I will bark at every car door that slams.

Woof #8 I will bark at every doorbell that rings, including on TV.

Woof #9 I will run in the mud puddles and come in the house to shake it off.

Woof #10 I will always be sad when you go riding in the car without me.

Woof #11 I will always love you and protect you. I will be your best friend for all of our life.


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