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OMG - she did what ???

You all know I have worked with rescues, shelters and foster parents for a long time! I love what I do. I love being a part of the process of the animals finding their forever home. My part is small in the grand scheme of "rescue". But being a small part does not make it less valuable.

Rescue photography is different than any other photography you will ever do. Some of the larger animal shelters have photographer programs and routine schedules of photographing the animals. (This is fine, its just not for me- however I would photograph any animal if they ever needed me) Go to a small shelter on the outskirts of town. Photograph all of those animals. They need help! Are you going to be tired and exhausted? You betcha' ya!

In the digital age we are in, everyone depends on digital photographs. Hyper, excited, pent up energy, scared dogs that will not stand still, sit or look at that camera are hard to photograph. So what do you do?

I wrote a book titled "Recue Photography"-Tips & Tricks. (the link is below) I hope this book will help all shelters, rescues, foster parents, pet parents and volunteers! This book is not camera settings 1,2,3. This book is about Rescue Photography.

Please share my book with every pet lover, pet parent, rescue, shelter, volunteer, foster parents, animal industry, photographer and every person you know! Be a part of helping these animals find their forever homes. With better photos online it will draw attention to these awesome animals. It will get them noticed!


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