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One Dog At A Time

I created this series- Giving Back, One Dog At A Time, to get rescued and homeless dogs noticed.

I want to take one dog and highlight them. Share them. Make them stand out. I have many ideas and different things to try. But, our rescue groups and shelters will need to reach out to me.

I have personally reached out to several groups in our 901 area. 2 Groups - 2 different rescue groups took me up on it. Sadly, only two! This series is just beginning. I have so many ideas but the fosters or rescues must be willing to participate. Do things a little different. Invest your time in the animal and value my photography and experience.

That means, I wont be photographing 30 dogs at one sitting. It means, the sessions may be outside, inside, my studio, the foster home, parks, groomers, vet... many many many locations! Sessions for one animal may be 15mins or it may be one hour! It depends on the animal. The longer I work with an animal the more relaxed they are in front of a camera. This means, their unique personality will show in the photos.

Our adoption photos and social media photos need to "look different" so the animals stand out. When you are scrolling through tons of post of dog photos, what makes them stand out??

One reason for focusing on one dog at a time, this requires photoshop. Tons of photoshop. To add profile, bios, change backgrounds, etc. I can spend hours behind a computer screen, creating many things!

Our goal is to get the animal to its happy forever loving home. They are ready to be loved and live their best life. They are ready to hop in vehicles and get to their "home". Think about it, when you are tired from work what do you want? To go home. When you have been on vacation and traveling? You want to go home. No matter what we do, we long for home. So do these animals! They want to go to forever loving home.

Lets use photography and push it to the limits to get these precious animals noticed and adopted.

I am open to many ideas for adoption photos. If the rescue has an idea, we can collaborate. Maybe its the animal running at a park, playing in a lake, playing in a swimming pool, riding in car, or simple studio shots. Or all of the above. I can accomplish more by helping - One Dog At A Time.


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