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Parrot Mountain, Pigeon Forge

When we arrived in Pigeon Forge, we headed straight to Parrot Mountain. If you are in the Smoky Mountain area you should go. We had so much fun. Birds are free flying. There are some in cages. But there is an area where you can pet and hold some birds.

Be warned. It is not called Parrot Mountain for nothing. It is a mountain! I am glad I was driving my Jeep to get up that steep road. After you arrive in the parking lot, it is also on a slope. Going into the exhibit - it is on a slope! Remember I had ankle and leg injuries. This hurt my ankle. It didn't stop me. But I was in pain. I walk great on flat surfaces. But I could barely move after this. They say the ramp is for handicap individuals and wheelchairs. It is a steep ramp. So if you have a disability, use an electric scooter to get up that slope. I just do not see how a wheelchair could get up & down that...even with someone pushing.

But it is loads of fun. Attaching a few photos but you can view all at


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