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Rescue Photography

Rescue photography can be a challenge and it can be very rewarding.

Animals that are in foster homes are usually very easy to photograph. But I actually prefer the foster parent to not be in studio. Its just a personal preference. Multiple people, noises & distractions for them. So I just prefer foster parents to not be there.

You do everything you can to get the shot. The dog above was just not having it. I finally decided to have the dog handler hold him to get his face.

All the noises, commands and instructions should come from the photographer. It can get very frustrating when this is not happening. I have had dog handlers get so mad at me ... I will constantly say get to the middle or stand back. But the dog handler does not see what I see through the lens. And not following the instructions causes soooo much EDITING !!! I absolutely hate editing.

The photo above... first the back drop had been knocked over... it got out of place, wrinkled to the side. It eventually got worse because of tails hitting the drop. If you look at the dog... the side of the dog with no backdrop...that has to be photoshopped in... Its not always easy. See the leash at the ear. Leashes need to be held up straight. So this has to be editing at the bottom of the ear and at the top.

There is a t-shirt that says "Trust me, I am a photographer". Well ... its true. While I may bark commands - step away, get to the middle, hush.... I know what I am seeing!!! Trust me... I am a Pet Photographer!


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