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Things to Ask Your Pet Photographer, #10

How do sessions go and timeframe of prints?

Good question !!!

1. First decide you want a session. In studio or on location.

2 We work out a date (usually done through email or text)

3. I work off a retainer fee that is paid in full within 48 hours of picking the date.

4. Retainer fee is NON-refundable. (session cannot be cancelled however we can reschedule)

5. Your date is NOT confirmed until retainer fee and contract are returned to the studio.

6. I prepare a contract and retainer fee invoice and email to you.

7. You digitally sign and pay online and return to studio.

8. Once I receive, you will receive a confirmation of date via email!

9. Then the date comes for the session.... we have a ton of fun !!! I take tons of photos. Play with your pets, give tons of treats, belly rubs and get to know humans.

10. It takes 5-7 days to edit sessions.

11. You receive an email that your proof gallery is ready.

12. You look thru the gallery of proof - generally 10-15 images and pick out your prints and sizes (all sales are final - as the prints are handled through my partnering lab)

13. You pay online for prints.

14. You receive complimentary digitals for every print you purchase - usually within 24-36 hours of purchasing prints.

15. The lab mails your prints to your home... within approx 14 days.

16. Then when you get a chance - you go on FB or google and leave a review

(good, bad and ugly.... I can take it !!! But I only want the best for you and your pets)

17. Then you tell all your friends about this amazing Pet Photographer that specializing in Pet Photography.

18. You book another session.

19. Your friends book sessions.

20. And with your paid sessions this enables me to continue my time and maintenance on my equipment to VOLUNTEER one week each month with rescues, fosters and shelters!

And .... gift certificates are always available !


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