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Unique Personality

Every animal that I photograph is unique. In each photo I love to capture the pets personality. Sometimes the photos are serious, goofy or perfect.

My goldendoodle Ziggy is a very laid back & goofy boy. I usually like his mouth open in photos. Otherwise he looks serious or unhappy.

Today I was asked if I could create a photo with a pup to look like Elvis. This is Elvis week in Memphis.

Well, we can try!

The dog Elvis on the pink backdrop - there were 2 people assisting with this photo.

When I am asked to recreate an image, it will almost never work out. Why??? Because each one of our pets are different. Every animal has a unique personality.

The photo of my doodle Ziggy as Elvis was taken a few years ago. He wore the glasses just fine. He had never had shoes on before. The wig and cape were very small for him. So I ended up doing hours and hours of photoshop on this image. Ziggy models and he knows what to do. But, I have vowed to NEVER do this again!

Some pets are shy, playful, social or lap dogs. Some dogs do not even want a bandana on them! But in the photos I create - those props are not photoshopped on. Okay, some things are photoshopped. But they have to wear the glasses, hats, & clothes. I may spruce up some things in photoshop. Some dogs have energy and do not want to sit still, but they have to stay for a split second for the shutter to click.

For the most part, the animals must wear the props. And not all props will fit. Most of my hats and glasses are for humans!!

I had a very sweet lady make flower crowns for mostly big dogs. If the crown you want doesn't fit on the head, it may fit around the neck.

Sometime when you put hats, jewelry or clothes on a dog (or cat) they will lower their head & shake it off. But some puppers will put on a show for the camera. They know...."ohhhh I sit pretty, the thing flashes, I hear good dog and I get those good treats." They love the attention.

But even a photo with a single prop will never look the same on other dogs. Your dog may not smile, they may not look at the camera ... but without the props they pose perfectly and show their own personality.

When I am photographing your pet we can attempt the props, funny & cute things. But it is best to go with the dog that is in front of my camera. They all have different personalities and they all respond differently.

For me personally, I love simple photos. Non-cluttered backgrounds, solid colors, & simple props.

And I know the pets personality will show in the photos. That is why I talk, pet and play with them! You can not bring a dog to my studio and say "okay sit, smile & pose". It doesn't work like that. There are so many smells, new things, good treats, toys & flashy things.

We can only do what the dog/cat will do & what they will allow us to do with props.


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