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Unleashing Pet Portraits at Corporate Events

Dog Treats
Working hard to be Employee of the Month

Treasure, my dedicated studio employee of the month, is putting in paw-some hours and it’s clear that this summer is shaping up to be extraordinary! 🌟

Sitting pretty
She wants me to do what????

I’m thrilled to see the corporate events that are filling up my calendar. It’s heartwarming to know that companies recognize the value of capturing their employees’ furry friends in photos.

Treasure have a sweet treat!
Yum Yum these treats are paw-some!

Here’s a glimpse of behind the scenes on my schedule:

1.     Bring Your Pet to Work Day: Imagine the conference rooms echoing with happy barks and the break areas filled with wagging tails. I can’t wait to capture those candid moments when pets become honorary coworkers!  They even have work titles for their dogs. I wander if they have a K9 Employee of the Month???!! (Don't get no ideas Treasure, you are needed here)

2.     Company Picnics with Pets: Sun-kissed fur, grassy fields, and the joy of shared snacks—these picnics are a photographer’s dream. We created memories that made everyone smile! Including their pets. (These memories last forever in prints).

3.     Your Staff and Their Pets: And guess what? This is a vet clinic! Those clinic walls will soon showcase the adorable faces of the staff’s beloved companions. 🐾 Check out your vet's walls!

4.     Pet Portraits Event for Your Clients: Whether it’s a loyal customer or a new client, their pets deserve a moment in the spotlight. Let’s capture their personalities—the goofy grins, the soulful eyes, and the playful antics. (What if more companies did this for their CLIENTS! We think this event for clients is awesome!) And there is more, this business is not in the animal industry. But they recognize that pets are a valued part of their clients life. Pets are family.


Your employees and clients will adore your events.  They’ll cherish the timeless portraits of their beloved fur-family members. You touch hearts when you include our pets in work and corporate events.


Limited Availability: If you want to secure a spot on my schedule for a corporate event, don’t wait! There are only a few spots available. I am only booking sessions through August 2024 or Spring of 2025.   Shoot me an email at with your details.

Together, we’ll make these events unforgettable.

Cheers to wagging tails, happy memories, and the magic of pet photography! 📸🐶🐱

Pet Portraits in Studio
Treasure - Sandra Ferguson Photography Employee of the Month- May 2024


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