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Why do we hang photos in our homes?

If walls could talk! Look at the items hanging on your walls. You may have a clock, candle holders, metal art and all that word art. What else hangs on your walls?

You have photographs of special people, special moments and special places. We photograph and print the images that mean the *most* to us. We want to look at them and remember!!! We want to see them everyday!! We LOVE the people and places we have been.

What about your pets? Do you have images hanging on your walls? Why NOT?????

Well I know I do! I know my clients do as well! This is one reason I am not a digital only photographer! You need prints and wall art. You need to look at these images everyday. They are not hidden on your phone where you can never find the one you are looking for. They hang on your walls, sit on tables and desk at your home & office. You see them and enjoy them every day and every minute of the day.

And when our hearts are broken and they are no longer with us ... we keep those images. We still see them and they are still with us... everyday! We lost a young doodle to cancer in 2018 and her photo is still hanging on my walls & tables. I get to look at her sweet face everyday.

Hang photographs and wall art of your pets !


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