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YES I photoshop...sometimes a bunch

When I am shooting.... I want the dog or pet to look directly into my camera. Nothing irritates me more for the pet to not look at me. (THATS JUST ME).

I never really know exactly what I have until I cull the photos down for editing.

Then I see a photo and the "artist" in me sees something else. You don't plan this ... it just happens.

The photo to the right is photoshopped of course. But see below for the unedited photo. Yep... its the same one. I had the look in her eye...but her body was not in position for what I wanted... so I created it!! Yes... I photoshopped it.

This was rescue and I wanted her noticed. I wanted this shot but I did not get it. I do NOT do this as a normal editing style. I do charge extra for creative photoshopping. You can spend HOURS editing one photo. Is it worth it???


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