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Your dog knows, they nose!

What does that mean for a pet photo session & Dog Photography?

When dogs come to the studio or we meet at a park, I watch. I want to know how your dog reacts.

Most dogs will come to either location and start sniffing & smelling. So many smells no matter the location! I often say, in studio, turn them loose and let them smell.

Why is this important at a photo session?

· Let them take their time and absorb all the smells around them

· I am watching body language and getting an idea of their behaviors

· Sniffing is mentally and physically stimulating

· It tells them – other animals been there.

· Sniffing lowers their stress level

· It tells them if the other dogs were happy or stressed.

· It tells them gender of dogs and even if they are spayed or neutered.

· Yes, they may mark their place. Especially at parks & outside.

· Sniffing helps to lower their heart rate

· Overall, after some sniffing – they are calmer

I don’t rush this process. It usually takes about 10-15 mins for the sniffing and smelling to end. That is when I am talking and getting to know you both.

Some of the reasons they sniff and what they learn from smelling is hard for us to understand. There has been a ton of research on this. Its quite interesting.

Sniffing around is important to your dog. Let them see the world through their nose, like we see the world through our eyes. Remember this on their walks... they need to smell.


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