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Behind the Scenes

Ever wonder what other photo sessions look like? Look at this one !!

Oh goodness ... I can tell you each one is unique!! It depends on the location, the weather, if squirrels show up..... many many many things !!!

But also .... they all get the same shots. (I am laughing) There are always shots of the parent struggling with leashes, getting wrapped up, dogs looking at people or they see a leaf blow by, humans get tired, dogs get thirsty and the WIND kicks up !!!

On this particular day, the wind came out of no where!!!! It was a beautiful day. Blue skies and sun shining bright. And there is this strong gusty wind. The balloons were beating the Mom ..... there were 3 balloons. The wind was blowing the basket, the dogs, the balloons and the Dog Moms hair ..... everywhere. ( I was struggling to hold photography equipment in place)

So this scene is suppose to make the dogs look like they are riding in a hot air balloon.

The only way to do this is set the basket on something and edit it out. The pet parent had to sit behind so I could also edit her out.

This works best when there is NO wind.... or maybe just a tad bid of wind. But not strong wind. No doggies were hurt in the making of these images! If you see the Mom behind them.... not only is she holding onto the basket (at this point she also had balloons in case the wind kicked up) and she also had to tilt the stool up. (the pet parent does all the work!)

Then after some editing .... you can sail away !!!!


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