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Christmas in July Sale

Updated: Jul 26, 2021


Ho Ho Ho - Merry Christmas In July !!!

It is here ... 5 months until Christmas,

153 days until Christmas,

21 weeks and 6 days until Christmas,

22 Fridays until Christmas,

And if you are paid bi-weekly that could mean 11 biweekly paydays....yikes !!!

Get your Christmas list together of everyone you have to buy gifts for.

Your husband or wife






Pastors/Sunday School Teachers

Everyone right !!!!

Get ahead of the hustle and bustle. Christmas in July is the best time of year for planning your holidays.

I know its early and its summertime!!! How much did you rush last year? How stressed were you during the holidays? Did you worry those Christmas Cards you had made - would not arrive in time to mail out?

Guess what .... we can take care of that ... right now !!

I always plan and schedule my Pet Christmas Sessions early !!! Get those prints and Christmas Cards ahead of everyone else - you wont be standing in long lines to get a Christmas Pet Picture. You will have personalized & custom Christmas Pet Portraits.

But wait ... THERES MORE !!!!

Presents.... you have so many presents to buy and people to shop for. We can take care of a few of these and mark them off your list.

Your parents - your dogs Grand-Parents. Great Grand-Parents. They LOVE photos and wouldn't they love to brag and show off those Grand-Dogs or Grand-Cats. YES.... they would!!!

Christmas Brag Book !!! Its perfect for the Parents and Grand-Parents. Can't you just see them now pulling out the brag book and showing off those beautiful fur-kids!! Brag Books are printed on both sides - with 8 photos from your photo session. Yes... humans can be in the photos too!!!

How about ordering some prints for gifts. Yes your parents, Grand-parents, brothers, sisters and friends would love photos of your pet from our photo session. Put them in a frame and it is a lovely gift!!!

Don't forget the canvas! You know your wife, husband, parents or siblings would love a canvas print! What about hanging one in your office or home office. Look at those beautiful babies all year long.

Yes ... there is more happening this year in my photography studio !!!

Christmas Cards printed at my professional lab that I partner with! No more of those cheap papers and misprints (yes we went through that for the past couple of years with local places). No more. These are professionally printed Christmas Cards. They come in a box of 25. I am offering 4 designs this year. Here are just a couple !!