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Oh goodness yall... (yes, I said yall - I am born and bred, Tennessee and I am as southern as you get!)

If you ever have a session with me or I ever take rescue photos with you... ask me... just ASK ME!!! I HATE EDITING.

With a royal passion I hate editing! But the more you learn the more you do. ((sigh))

Okay this photo is rescue... but this applies to pet parents also!!! If the flash starts going off or if I start making noises or if I say... step away... it is because...

I have watched the animal through several snaps of the shutter already and I watch the body language. JUST MOVE. (that's rude isn't it) This causes so many editing nightmares.

The leash is no problem. That's easy. The backdrop had been hit with the tail and actually knocked over at this point. See the white line to the left of the dog. Its the backdrop maker label. That has to be edited out. Ok... the human arm. Normally no problem but see how her wrist hits the knee area. I have no way of knowing what is under that or creating it. The fingers can be edited out ... It takes a while...but I really don't know if there is a white spot under her fingers. The treats and knees are no problem either.

I know it sounds like I bark orders.... I am passionate about Pet Photography and Rescue Photography. If lights go off, if I make noises or I say step away or step back... trust me on things I see. And PLAAAAEEEEEZZZEEE save me some editing time. Thanks... with much love !!! Sandra (the Pet Photographer)


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