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No magic included...

Oh goodness.... does this look familiar. Yes it does to every client I have photographed.

Some clients believe when they come to me there is some kind of "dog whisperer" thing I do or some kind of magic. Nope... its not!

Some clients believe when they come to me they hand over their pets to me. Nope... doesn't happen.

There is no magic included in sessions. This is what EVERY session looks like through my lens. (( your laugh here )) Now, my clients in this photo had wonderful images. This is one of those OOPS photos.

Pet parents handle the dogs. There is no way I can possibly handle and wrangle dogs while holding a camera, changing camera settings and don't even talk about my lights ! Pet parents are KEY to every session.

And notice... dogs are ON LEASH. These dogs are sweethearts and they were not going anywhere... but I am NOT taking that chance with your pet or mine! I would rather edit out all leashes. So every session... every dog, or cat or any animal not on their own property ... is on a leash.

Here is a good photo from this clients session.


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