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Road tripping, Pet Photographer style

I posted on Facebook a few weeks back that I was going on vacation !! The hubby is staying at home with our 4 dogs. But I am road tripping. Until May !

During this time, I will not be booking sessions or answering emails. I have had many emails and booking questions. I really need the break folks. My Mom suffered dementia the past 7 years and I was her caregiver. She past away last October and I returned to my VERY BUSY pet photography business immediately.

I need a break to clear my head, refresh and de-stress. It always does photographers good to take a break - you want an artist fresh, thinking of new things and going beyond the normal!

During this break I will also be attending Animal Image Makers Conference in Minnesota. A conference for "animal photographers". I learn so much from successful pet photographers around the world. It is the only conference specialized for pet photographers!

I won't blog every day or every detail. But I will post photos on the blog. I hope you follow them. These photos will not be works of art or masterpiece. LOL. They will be vacation photos and probably of ANIMALS.

You can also follow my other photography Facebook page at

Cell phone pics, until I get camera card uploaded. More road trip later.

Sunrise over the Smoky Mountains (cell phone)

Treetop Skywalk at Anakeesta ( I am NOT good at selfies)

Loretta Lynn's - Hurricane Mills (cell phone pic)

Cell phone pic inside the Gatlinburg Aquarium


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