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Things to ask your Pet Photographer - #2

One of the first things you should ask a Pet Photographer .... is "Do you have Pets?"

Seriously this is the first thing to ask. Why would you hire a fashion photographer or a landscape photographer or a wedding photographer to photograph your pets?? If you do, they will get tired, you will get tired and your pets will get tired. Its also possible that some people do not like animals or are afraid of them.

You want your Pet Photographer to have pets of their own! Be a animal person. It doesn't matter dog, cat, horse or goat. A pet photographer should be experienced in ALL pets and all breeds. (I draw the line at spiders or snakes...however I will photograph them at a distance!)

Remember... fashion photographers TELL their models how to pose, wedding photographer TELL the bride & groom the best poses. Beyond sit and stay ... how do you get a PET to pose !!!! A professional Pet Photographer knows and has "extreme" patience!


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