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Things to Ask Your Pet Photographer, #4

Do you actively volunteer and give back to Animal Rescue?

This is tremendously important for any Pet Photographer. Why??? Because EVERY animal deserves a loving and forever home. Pet Photographers are critical for bringing out animals personality in photographs. Rescues and Shelters sometimes ( and sometimes not) can get photos on cell phones. But a specialized professional Pet Photographer ... can do so much more to help!

I have never understood how a person can be a pet photographer and NOT give back to homeless animals. I volunteer one week and sometimes more .... every month to rescue/shelters. YES ... it gets tiring, YES ... you sometimes give up PAID jobs because you are obligated to rescue, and YES ... you look into those sweet or troubled eyes and know - they need a chance to find home!

When Pet Photographers go into shelters or rescues and photograph animals they can learn valuable information for photography, animal handling, reading body language and learning different breeds. Try photographing hyper dogs in a kennel environment, or a dog just picked up off the street, try photographing one that was dumped at the shelter and scared and wont hold their head up.

Its EASY PEAZY to photograph dogs that are in loving homes, get photos taken regular or are TRAINED dogs. Go the the animal shelter and photograph scared/fearful/dirty/matted dogs or feral cats ! This is where experience comes into play.


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