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Things to Ask Your Pet Photographer, #6

Do you have a Dog Friendly Studio?

My studio has slowly evolved over the years. I use to go to client homes and set up/take down. It is much better in my studio garage ! I have many props, furniture, backdrops and photography equipment. (Plus.... I am just getting to old to lug all that around!)

I have 4 dogs. I would NEVER ask you to have your dogs photo taken anywhere I would not take my own dogs. My dogs LOVE going to studio... they know... "momma gonna take our pictures, give us treats and we have fun!!!"

I disinfect my studio (I know my floor is a garage floor- and looks like it at times) but I use tons of pet friendly cleaners. Yes accidents happens (they are animals) so I am prepared for that. I have a/c for summers (its still hot tho) and a heater for winter (its still cold tho). I have a gate I block the garage or we can use as an playpen for smaller dogs.

I do ask all pets to be healthy, no communicable sicknesses. Prefer all pets up to date on shots and immunizations. All pets must be on flea and tick meds!!! (there is NO exception to this) My own dogs wear Soresto Collars.

And then there are puppies - pups do not have all their shots till 16-20 weeks old. If puppies under this age are put on furniture, throws etc.... I cannot use for 6 months to one year. I do ask all Puppy owners... if pup contracts Parvo before or after my studio visit please let me know. Parvo Virus can live in soil up to one year!! So extra precautions need to be placed on puppies being brought to studio. For the safety of all.

Also - I am on a BUSY street. All dogs are on leash! All cats are on leash! Once we are in place inside a closed studio door... they can be loose and let smell. This is what DOGS do... they smell!

I want the in studio experience to be fun for your pet and for you - in a safe and comfortable environment. (just don't look at the dark 1970's paneling ... or look and laugh... its not going anywhere)


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