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Things to Ask Your Pet Photographer, #7

Do you have props, ties or clothes?

Yes ... Ask this question ! You may see dogs in collars or dresses - those may be provided by a Pet Parent.

For my sessions, I have several "repeat" (lifetime) clients! They have invested in wardrobes for their pets. But, I have invested quite a bit over time.... I have many ties, bandana's, hats, jewelry, dresses, coats, sweaters, flower crowns.

The only problem is I have sooooo much... It can be overwhelming what to pick from. Even rescue assistants say .... its just so much to go thru and you can't decide. So give me a heads up and I can have a few things pulled and ready. I now have everything from kitten size to BIG dogs size. Oh ... and I have a ton of human Vintage Hats.... TONS of them.


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